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GIFTED INTERIORS’ designers Drew Ebbing and Libby Follis have a fresh take on decorating. The only trace of their presence is a beautiful home and a happy client. Each design project is uniquely tailored to that client. Their passion is in blending the client’s lifestyle, interest, personality and favorite objects.


Drew and Libby’s sense of style is rooted in over 10 years of collaboration. They pair their client’s needs with the right aesthetic. Their design philosophy marries the classics with a modern approach to color, texture, technology and the client’s personal taste.


Gifted’s referral based clientele are in search of inviting, comfortable interiors. From the initial consultation to completion, their team works with homeowners, architects and contractors.  Their portfolio includes private homes, executive and medical offices and commercial spaces. Drew and Libby have put their stamp on beautiful projects in Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, New York and the Bahamas.




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We look forward to hearing from you! designers@giftedinteriors.com